WordPress Multi-User News

February 6, 2007

WordPress Multi-User (WPMU) allows multiple blogs to run off a single install of the software. Hence WPMU differs from what we might call WordPress Classic, under which each blog needs its own install of the software.

WordPress.com is a WPMU site. It is by far the biggest such site, currently hosting over half a million blogs. January 2007 saw the addition of 89,000 of these blogs, as well as 126 million pageviews.

You can see a list of other WPMU sites in the sidebar of How Do You MU? HDYM is another of my blogs, and is itself a WPMU blog. It is hosted at edublogs.org.

James Farmer, Mr Edublogs, has just announced a premium service for educational customers who want their own hosted WPMU site. I can recommend James, and hence Edublogs Premium, most highly.

2 Responses to “WordPress Multi-User News”

  1. James Farmer Says:

    Thanks Andrew – much appreciated!

  2. Saroj Lakra Says:

    Hey thanks,
    I want to setup wordpress MU but what is the benefit of running blog network?

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