Electing to Start Blogging Again

I didn’t give up blogging, I just didn’t post for almost four months. I last posted just after the big summer storm, when we lost power, and got it back on the 4th of July. So I hardly blogged at all between Independence Day and Election Day.

Today’s election was the first in which I was eligible to vote as a US citizen. I did so accompanied by my kids.

Voting is good, and blogging is good. Will the outcome of the election be good? Or rather, for whom will it be good?

1 thought on “Electing to Start Blogging Again”

  1. I’m not a US citizen but I’m curious to see who comes out to be the next president of the United States. Turns out, I’m invited to liveblog from a short program held by the US Ambassador here in Bangladesh (see my blog for more). So, my eyes will be on CNN as I liveblog when the results start to come out. I’m personally an Obama supporter and I don’t know who the other embassy staff support. Let’s just hope they all support Obama and Obama wins. Then we’ll have a celebration. 😛

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