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AdFreeBlogButtonI use this button to indicate that:

  • I do not accept money in return for advertising space on this blog.
  • To do so would be against policy, and hence against the agreement I made when I created this blog.
  • I think it’s a really cool icon.

If you follow the owl in the image, you’ll see a three-item list with some overlap with my three-item list. I’m not as implacably opposed to ads on blogs as is Laura, the owl artist and ad-free activist.

In fact, I’d like this blog to be a little more commercial than it is now. I miss the WP-Amazon plugin I used elsewhere. It’s not because I made much money as an Amazon affiliate. It’s because I think that product-related posts can be enhanced with an image and a link to specifications and reviews. Consider, for example, this review of a book on blogging.

3 thoughts on “Ad-Free at”

  1. Thanks so much for the link. Sorry to say, I’m not the owl artist. I’m just one of many people who post the ad-free logo.

    I feel really oppressed by the constant presence of advertising in our world. Everywhere I turn, people are trying to sell me something. No surface is too small (the back of a metrocard) or too large (a blimp, the sky) to stick an ad on. I find it depressing.

    Also, as a journalist I know what the constant quest for advertising does to integrity in the media: it destroys it.

    Re WordPress, I think it’s dishonest of them to put ads on blogs, not share the revenue with the blogger, but not allow individual bloggers to post their own ads.

    Anyway, that’s my view, and I thank you for the link. Peace.

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