Blog Post From Scrybe!

Scrybe is an online organizer. I’ve been using the closed beta for a while. I won’t repeat here what I posted about Scrybe in my previous blog, except for noting that Scrybe seems to have lost momentum and gained resentment during its beta.

The Scrybe team has not been as communicative as it might have been. For example, today’s post to the Scrybe blog was the first in over a month. Sabika posts about the MIT Enterprise Forum Conference.

It is for the most part an excellent post. Sabika’s enthusiasm for Scrybe, the team, and the event they were just at, are very clear. The blog, and Scrybe’s image, would gain greatly from more posts like it.

On the other hand, I was disturbed to read this:

You guys pointed out that we missed our deadline without a blog entry and Magali correctly said that a lot of our replies can very well be blog entries. In one of our replies we explained that the deadline for the sharing build will be affected due to the delays in the ThoughtPad.

One of the key differences between replies and blog entries is that people who subscribe to your feed see the entries, not the replies.* Chances are that more people subscribe to your feed than regularly visit your blog, especially if new entries to the blog are few and far between.

* Since the Scrybe team has made the excellent choice of WordPress for its blog, there is a replies (comments) feed. But the “standard” feed from a blog is the entries (posts) feed.

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