I used MyBlogLog on my previous blog, and thought it was pretty neat. I don’t use it here. That’s partly because I checked the MBL widget and found it used JavaScript, which is not allowed here at But it seems that you can use MBL on after all.

Then there are a couple of things that make me less keen on MBL than I was a month or two ago. The first is ease of spamming. Techcrunch reported a demonstration of this by Michael Jensen. My own email box is starting to show evidence of MyBlogSpam.

The second is that MyBlogLog WILL be moving to Yahoo IDs for login purposes. This doesn’t make my life more complicated, since I use a couple of Yahoo services already. But one of the things I liked about MBL was that it was independent of any one blogging tool or provider. I’d like to see it using OpenID rather than, or even as an alternative to, Yahoo ID. On a related note, it’s annoying that the spam email I get from Yahoo-owned MBL is not caught by my Yahoo email spam filter.

Having said all that, my main reason for not using MBL here is that I like my Simpla theme, and don’t want to make it less simple. Hence the sidebar content is sparse, and will remain so.

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