Reddit’s BreadPigI have for some time been a “redditor,” that is, one who submits links to reddit, follows links posted by others, votes them up for down, and makes comments on posts. One of the attributes of a redditor is karma, which is computed from the up and down votes for the redditor’s submissions.

Some feel that reddit as we know it is in danger from “karma whoring,” and that some of the worst offenders are refugees from Digg. (Those more familiar with The Simpsons than with either of the sites I’ve linked to might like to think of Digg as Shelbyville to reddit’s Springfield.) I share this concern.

By the way, the logo isn’t the current Year of the Pig logo. It’s BreadPig, who gave the alien a brief break from reddit mascot duty last year. See the logo archive for… well, an archive of reddit logos.

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