T-Shirt Day

Funky TActually it’s Presidents’ Day in the US of A. The holiday is, I presume, why my feed reader has been less busy than on most Mondays.

I declare it to be t-shirt day, in that it’s time to link to a rather good post featuring 107 t-shirts for geeks that do not suck. I presume that the ambiguity as to who (the geeks?) or what (the shirts) is suck-free is deliberate.

The anonymous and Canadian //engtech provides well-chosen images, and links to the t-shirt sites whence the shirts can be purchased. He doesn’t use affiliate links. But I do! And the reason I’ve declared today to be t-shirt day is that Monday is new release day at Threadless!

Why are you still here, rather than earning me street team points… I mean, treating yourself and your loved ones to fine and well-deserved t-shirts at Threadless? Is it because you want to know about the t-shirt in this post? Yes, I like it too. Orange is my favorite color. The design is by the wonderful Ric Stultz, and it’s currently at the top of his works in print page.

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