OpenID: Jyte, AOL, etc.

Consider the following claim: OpenID will spread in 2007 or it will disappear. If you have a Jyte account, you can record your agreement or disagreement with that claim. I agree with it.

I just claimed that WordPress should support OpenID. So far, 10 fellow Jyters have agreed with this claim, and none have disagreed.

I got to Jyte via this TechCrunch post. It was closely followed into my reader by this Read/Write Web analysis of AOL’s support for OpenID. The RWW piece links to an intro to OpenID.

One thought on “OpenID: Jyte, AOL, etc.”

  1. If WordPress doesn’t add support for OpenID in their next major upgrade…I’ll be very very surprised. Wait, I take that back. They still haven’t taken 40 minutes to upgrade their Atom template to Atom 1.0. So, actually, if they do add support for OpenID in their next major upgrade, I’ll be very very surprised. And delighted. Same with the Atom thing.

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