GAPE at Google Apps

Today’s big web news is the release of Google Apps Premier Edition (GAPE?). The Google Apps entry page tells us:

  • What it is, including Gmail, Calendar, Docs & Spreadsheets (but not yet Presentations), all hosted by Google
  • How it’s packaged for different markets: small business, enterprise, education, family/group.

Here are remarks from four “usual suspect” Web 2.0 bloggers.

So, what’s missing?

  • The presentation app, but I’m sure that’ll be along soon.
  • Google Reader. There are many Google services that could have been part of GAPE, but aren’t. Reader is, for me, the most prominent of these.
  • Support for OpenID. Suspicious (but “open”) minds might take this as an implication that Google considers your Gmail address the only identity you’ll ever need.

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