Globalization Just Round the Corner

Belgrade AvenueA few months ago, the three businesses housed here were, reading from left to right: a tanning salon; an Albanian restaurant, about which I posted previously; and a Brazilian market. Only the latter is still there.

The restaurant is still run by the same people, but has reopened as an American restaurant. I haven’t been there since it reopened. Adam has, though, and reports a huge menu – like 20 types of burgers, many with Boston-themed names… a similar variety of pizza choices and plenty of options for people who don’t want either (but I didn’t see any of the promised Albanian holdovers).

The tanning salon has for a while had a sign in the windows asking, it seems, if anyone wants to take over a tanning salon on Belgrade Avenue. It is indeed just round the corner from us in Roslindale. I don’t miss the tanning place, but I do miss the Albanian place.

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