Quotiki and Ning

QuotikiA few weeks ago, I wondered if there was a social web application based around quotes. There is, and indeed was at the time.

The name Quotiki is rather misleading, since it’s not a wiki. But I guess quotr.com was taken. Anyway, Quotiki is to Wordie what YouTube is to Flickr, or something like that.

I was thinking of creating a quotal network myself. Had I seen Michael Arrington’s case that Ning is [now] an impressive and useful service before I’d seen Quotiki, I might have done it at Ning.

Even so, I should go back and check Ning out again. It looks very different from the Ning I checked out, then checked out from, just after its launch. It now emphasizes social networking around mutual interests, rather than application building.

3 thoughts on “Quotiki and Ning”

  1. Trying to access Quotiki now gives a bad host name error. Last night it couldn’t be accessed at all. Maybe it’s time for that quotal network you were thinking about?

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