OpenID Is About

Since your OpenID is a URI (web page address, URL, what have you) that you own, it would make sense for that web page to express your identity, in the sense of being your About page. (Hence the rather strange title of the current post.)

My current preferred OpenID is at claimID. That’s what’s in the sidebar today, although it may change at some future point. My ID/About page there lists (some of) my blogs and other web sites and pages.

I’d like to be able to do more with my ID/About page. For example, I’d like it to include the feed from this blog and from a few other places. I don’t know of an OpenID provider that currently allows this. If and when one does, I’d like to hear about it. If there is currently no such provider, then the gap looks like a significant opportunity.

On the other hand, I could follow the directions on how to use your own URL as an OpenID without running your own OpenID server. Well, I couldn’t make this blog my OpenID, since doesn’t allow access to HTML (or at least not to the HTML relevant here).

The directions are provided by Brian Ellin, who claims the ID here. I think he had something to do with implmenting one of the features of Jyte that prevents me abandoning the service: You can now ignore people on jyte by clicking on a link on their profile page.

Brian, if you did implement said feature, and if you’re reading this, many thanks and much cred. But why do you use URL rather than URI? Isn’t the thing in question, well, an identity?

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