Amy Rigby is Blogging

I reported over a year ago that Amy blogs. But now we both blog in new locations. She is now using real blogging software (albeit not WordPress). She’s also moved to France and given in to glasses.

I’m in France where interesting eyewear is a way of life and the choices are endless. I know because I’ve tried on every pair. How do you say “chic yet nerdy,”“stylish but not trendy,” “I have a personality thanks, and don’t need to buy one to help me drive better at night” in French?

I like the way Amy uses words, both as a blogger and as a songwriter. That, and her way with a catchy tune, make her music well worth checking out.

I found her newish blog via The Sandinista Project blog, which I found via Coverville. Congratulations to Brian on the recent 300th edition of Coverville.

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