Best Ever Threadless Day?

t-shirtIt’s an even better Monday than usual on Threadless, in terms of new releases and of reprints. This design, “My Playhouse,” is my favorite of the new designs. But I have enough blue t-shirts already, so if I get one for myself, it’ll probably be “Patchwork.”

Today the last day of the spring sale, with most shirts $10, as well as the first day of release for these shirts. I’ll probably put in an order, since “Alphabet Zoo” has just been reprinted, my 3-year-old daughter likes my (blue) shirt in that design, and the reprint includes kid sizes (in red).

Disclaimers and denials: yes, I do have an affiliate account at Threadless; no, I don’t intend to link there every week (or even every month); no, I don’t make much off the affiliate account; yes I do have your best interests at heart, and that’s why I sometimes draw shirts and sales to your attention.

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