Highrise Reflections

ChicagoHighrise is the name of the contact manager coming soon from 37signals. Jason Fried has been making preview posts to the SvN blog since Feb 12.

Today saw the seventh teaser, which is about the way in which Highrise plays with email. “When you get an important email from someone that you want to log in Highrise, just forward that email to your dropbox address and Highrise will attach it to the right person’s page in your Highrise account.” That sounds good to me, and to most of the people who have so far commented at SvN.

I’m hoping to get a “golden ticket” to get an early pass into Highrise. Surely posting a particularly appropriate photo should help me? After all, Jason and several of the other 37signallers are in Chicago. Having said that, I didn’t take the photo: thanks to John Baird for doing so, and for making it available.

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