More Crowded House

Since Saturday’s webcast, Crowded House has been my band most listened to. There’s a fine selection of their stuff on YouTube, notably the embedded-below clip of their closing their 1996 farewell tour with “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”

Crowded House will get a lot of attention over the next week or so, and not just because of the reunion. March 26 (2005) is the day on which original drummer Paul Hester took his own life. So let’s have a couple of links in memory of that life. This one is an account of Paul’s life, following by Neil Finn singing “Better Be Home Soon” in his Paul’s memory.

This one is Paul and bassist Nick Seymour joining Neil to belt out “Those Were the Days.” It would have lasted longer than a minute and a half had the guys pooled their knowledge of the lyrics, rather than singing different verses at the same time. Crowded House were not known for doing cover versions; perhaps this shows why. It also shows Paul having great fun with a minimal drum kit.

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