Highrise Happens

Highrise, the contact manager from 37signals, launched today. Early comment includes predictably positive acclaim for the clean design, but also includes disappointment at the plans and pricing.

Cases (read projects) are included in the upper level plans, but not in the lower level plans. To get this feature, you have to go for at least the Plus plan, which costs $49/month, and also gives you a gig of file storage and 20,000 contacts.

I am among those who think it would make sense to include a very limited number of cases in the lower-level plans. I want cases more than I want any file storage, and more than I want more than a couple of dozen contacts.

I’m using the free plan, by the way. Before I post this, let me check to see if there is any affiliate program, as there is for Backpack: no, there isn’t.

If you want to try Highrise, you might want to sign up for a free 30-day trial of the Plus (or higher) plan. That way you can try the full set of features with cost. Once you sign up for the free plan, you are not eligible for a free trial of any $ plan.

Lest this seems like the carping of a cheapskate, which it perhaps is, I should close by saying a hearty “Hello, Highrise!”

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