So these big media companies walk into a web. One’s a clown. Another’s a comic, who states that the content on his web media site will expire after a month. When asked “Why would anyone leave a comment on your site?” he replies, “I’ve saved them the trouble, there ain’t no comment feature.”

Perhaps that’s as unfair on Comedy Central as it is unfunny. What the Motherload FAQ actually says of the expiring content is “We hope you enjoy it while we have it up.”

I saw this via Fred Wilson, and his first post in an intended DoTube sequence covering big media attempts at web video. I admire his willingness to check out MeTooTubes so that I don’t have to (though I probably will), and his talent for understatement. “Putting up content that’s going to expire in a month is not going to create the best web video experience.”

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