Blank Scrybe

Do you rely on your calendar? Do you rely on your online calendar? Does that mean that you rely on a beta web service?

Perhaps you shouldn’t. Perhaps I shouldn’t rely on Scrybe. When I signed on this morning my calendar was blank. It still is. I see from the support forum that I’m not alone.

I’m not trying to jump on Scrybe. I have a superstitious feeling that I may have jinxed Scrybe with my recent rather upbeat post.

If you can’t rely on beta web services, then you can’t rely on Gmail. But at least one prominent commentator in Web 2.0 relies on Gmail, and has recently had cause to regret it.

This raises a whole range of issues, of varying degrees of freshness. If Web 2.0 means perpetual beta, then perhaps it means unreliability. It’s hard to use services like calendar and email without relying on them. Offline access to web applications can vital and needed-now, rather than an interesting future about which to speculate.

More on the blanking of Scrybe, the offlining of web apps, and so on, soon.

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