Hound Seeks Home

Betsy From AboveI fear that the time really has come to give up our dog, Betsy. It’s probably fairly accurate to describe her as a 10-year-old coonhound. We’re not completely sure, because we got her as a mature dog from a pound about 4 years ago.

She is very gentle with our kids. But with the second kid about to start crawling, our already full hands will overflow. Betsy gets on well with most other dogs, but she doesn’t care for cats.

If we don’t hear from a potential home in the Boston area in the next couple of days, we will surrender her to a shelter. We’d ask for a small donation to a local animal charity from any people kind enough to take in this lovely dog. Why ask for a donation? There are many reasons for not giving away a pet.

If you would like to know more about Betsy, please email me: andrew dot watson at yahoo.

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