Things We(b) Left Behind

3terra is two guys, one project, and a blog. That might be an understatement, since they apparently have at least one other project in the works. Leaving that aside, the one project is Quotiki, on which I’ve previously remarked.

But it is of their blog that I now post. To be more specific, it’s of Shawn’s post about 10 bad things that are all but extinct from better web sites which are being released these days. It reminds me how much better off we are now that we less frequently see sites that are “under construction” or “best viewed in” some specific resolution.

On the other hand, some of the bad things on the list are displaying zombie-like resilience. Shawn sometimes acknowledges this: “Please stop from taking over the Web and making loud background music mainstream again.”

The list also includes zombies that Shawn does not acknowledge as such. Consider hit counters, which are at number four. They still roam the earth in the form of Feedburner subscription counters. Appropriately enough, some prominent Web 2.0 blogs sport these “counters 2.0.”

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