Favorite Worst Nightmare

Arctic MonkeysArctic Monkeys’ second album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, comes out next week (except in Japan, where it’s already out). It’ll be first up for me on Rhapsody next Tuesday.

I’ve just been listening to the first single, Brianstorm. My favorite track so far is “Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend.”

I don’t ever want to hate you
so don’t show me your bed
the only roads are cul de sacs
the only ends are dead

But my favorite Alex Turner quote isn’t a lyric. It’s the comment he made just over a year ago on his band’s music being uploaded to the web. There’s nowt you can do to stop it, and we were just chuffed to bits that people wanted to hear it.

It seems that times have changed. I wanted to provide a link to “Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend,” and found one via Hype Machine. I found a link and followed it to:

These tracks are extremely hard to come by these days, seeing as though the label has cracked down on Blogs posting them. So no doubt these tracks wont be up for long, grab them whilst you can… [titles crossed out] I told you they weren’t going to last long…

Arctic Monkeys becoming “big” enough that their music can’t be shared? Favorite Worst Nightmare sums it up pretty well.

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