Oh, Really? No, O’Reilly!

Vista Annoyances CoverThe mail today included O’Reilly‘s catalog of books for programmers and system administrators. (I am neither, although I did give them my contact information, and probably checked a box indicating interest in some things somewhat technical.) It was funnier than I expected. Here are some of the more hilarious titles and page counts:

  • Windows Vista Annoyances: 704.
  • Windows Vista Pocket Reference: 192
  • Windows Vista in a Nutshell: 750.
  • Linux Kernel in a Nutshell: 198.

I also noticed that there is a 3rd edition of Web Design in a Nutshell. I have the 2nd edition, and consider it an excellent single-volume reference.

I was wondering if web design still fit into a nutshell. The question has the same two answers as many other questions: yes (there’s a 3rd edition of the book) and no (it’s 826 pages).

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