Bjork Goes to Coverville

Even before I saw the track listing for yesterday’s edition of Coverville, I was thinking that I’d encountered some impressive covers from Bjork recently. New to me, although actually from last year, was her duet with PJ Harvey on Satisfaction. I found the MP3 hier, via FoxyTunes Planet and Hype Machine. I later found the video at YouTube.

Newer than that was her cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Boho Dance.” On my first listening to the new A Tribute To Joni Mitchell. You can listen to Bjork’s contribution, and to some other tracks, at the Times article on the tribute album. (My first listen to the album is so far my only listen.)

Back to the current Coverville, which includes some remarkable stuff. As I type this, I’m listening to the last track, a “Spanish Bizarro” version of “Space Oddity.” Before that was “Time Warp” by the original Norwegian Cast of Rocky Horror. Before that was “Alfur Ut Ur Hol (Fool on the Hill)” by Bjork Gudmundsdottir.

But I strongly recommend that you listen to Coverville 316. The first track is by an artist sometimes referred to as the Bjork of Asia. I find the original version of the song unbearably annoying, but I love this cover, and really liked the movie from which this clip is taken.

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