Good Wolf and Admirable Ape

WolfThis is one of the “original full color custom drawn scenes from you or your kid’s favorite fairy tales” that Ape Lad is currently doing. The story illustrated here is of course that of Little Red Riding Hood. Also in the drawing is the story’s most interesting character: the Big Bad Wolf.

My daughter Maddie’s current favorite fairy tale is the story of the Good Little Wolf. I usually tell it as a good night story, although she has once or twice told me that it’s also a morning story. I’ve also started telling it online as/on Ficlets, as follows:

  1. The Good Little Wolf and the Three Little Pigs
  2. The Good Little Wolf and His Big Bad Uncle
  3. The Good Little Wolf, Two Dogs, and a Cheese Shop (yet to be committed to pixels)
  4. One or two more episodes, probably concluding with at least one dreaming wolf

But back to the Ape. He recently indicated his willingness to interpret the scope of the Fairy Tale Drawing project broadly. I consider this admirable. I also consider it astute; it broadens the range of people sending him $20 for a drawing. That range certainly includes me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to place my order…

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