Free: The Crimea, Via the UK

I first became aware of The Crimea via an article in the Guardian.

An acclaimed indie band will next month leap into the unknown by becoming the first established act to give away an entire album for nothing… By giving away the album in its entirety on May 13, the band hope to widen their fanbase and ultimately make more money from touring, merchandising and licensing deals than they would from sales of the album.

That article was published yesterday. Since then the following things have happened.

  • The album in question, Secrets of the Witching Hour, has been made available for download from the band’s website, a couple of weeks earlier than planned.
  • The Sun, the worst excuse for a newspaper I’ve ever encountered, has published an article on the Free Crimea phenomenon.
  • I’ve listened to some of the band’s music, and liked it.
  • I’ve found this clip of the band’s first appearance on the very British and now defunct TV show Top of the Pops.

The fact that I looked for, listened to, liked, and linked to things Crimean is an indication, albeit a very small one, that their Free Crimea campaign is working.

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