Walt, WSJ, WordPress, etc.

Last week saw the launch of All Things Digital, a mainly-blog site featuring Walt MossbergKara Swisher, and other WSJ writers. I note this, not only because of the content,* but because of the form of the site.

Alex King posted about setting up the site, and about the people and software involved. The main software is WordPress Multi-User. I should therefore add it to the list of WPMU sites I maintain in the sidebar of one of my other blogs.

I haven’t been as thorough as I should have been when it comes to WPMU sites run by large organizations. I intend to fix that in the May update to the sidebar. Toni Schneider has done a rather better job. In particular, Toni’s post on All Things Digital was rather more timely than the current post.

* For a good example of good content, see Walt’s recent post on the current tendency of firms such as Microsoft and Sony to become hardware/software firms, rather than sticking almost exclusively to one side or the other.

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