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Freebase logoA couple of months ago, there was much blogging about Freebase. I’ll link to Michael Arrington, partly out of habit, partly because his was the coolest-titled of the posts I saw. I thought that Freebase looked like a cross between Google Base and Wikipedia, and put myself on the list for the Alpha test.

I got my invitation today. So far, I have:

  • Signed up.
  • Poked around a little.
  • Set up my profile.
  • Found that, although there is a “manage your account and invitations” page, I have no invitations to give out. (If I had, I would certainly invite you.)
  • Updated the page for Amy Rigby to include a link to her blog. I did this by assigning a value to the property Web Link(s).
  • Wondered if Blog should be a property in its own right.

2 thoughts on “Freebase Alpha”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    One of the coolest things I find about Freebase is that since all the data is structured, it’s easy to make mashups with other services.

    For example here is a map I made showing Freebase users called Andrew
    Freebase users called Andrew
    (Firefox only for now. Freebase account required, leave a post on my blog if somebody wants one).

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