Third Place Thoughts

3 days a week, I leave my office in time to pick up my 3-year-old daughter at 3, go home to hand her over to the nanny she shares with her little brother, and then go to a third place for a couple of hours.

I’m currently at Emack & Bolios in Roslindale Square. I’ve just updated its Yelp entry to reflect the fact that wireless is once again free, but that air conditioning would have made my visit here today even more pleasant.

Apart from that, it can check the following boxes: ice cream; coffee; couches; friendly; always room to sit (at least during my third place hours); local, in both location and ownership.

Other third places I’ve used include the Rozzie library, which has a lamentable lack of ice cream and coffee (and couches for that matter), and the place that’s actually two places and, at the time I blogged about it, had monkeys.

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