Drake in the Rain

Most of the musical background for my day today was provided by Nick Drake, via Rhapsody. It’s a rainy day, and I’ve just started reading the book by his producer, Joe Boyd. I’ll post more about Boyd once I’ve finished his book.

It continues to amaze me just how good each of the three (official, released during his life) Nick Drake albums is. My favorite is probably the first, Five Leaves Left. If you want one album by him, I’d go for the compilation Way to Blue: An Introduction to Nick Drake.

There are lots more Nick Drake links I could provide, but I’ll content myself with just two: an article by T.J. McGrath, and Northern Soul, a mashup of Nick Drake and Marvin Gaye.


  • The most important singer-songwriter of the current decade is Nick Drake. That’s a claim I made (at Jyte) a while ago.
  • T.J. McGrath is also known as BinkyBonk, or at least was when I met him as a fellow Richard Thompson fan.
  • The various Nick Drake sites, such as nickdrake.com, are reporting that an album of unreleased material, Family Tree, will be released in June.
  • That really is it for this post. I’m too lazy to find an image. Click on the above link to Way to Blue if you want one; my favorite photo of Nick is on the cover.

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