Poll: What to Call… WordPress…

… as opposed to WordPress.com or WordPress Multi-User?

One of the standard threads on the WordPress.com support forums goes something like:

  • How do I X? (Use AdSense is perhaps the most frequent value of X.)
  • You can’t do X here at WordPress.com. See the FAQ. See the many previous threads on this. (Different veteran volunteers have different ways of saying this.
  • But you can do X with a certain other flavor of WordPress.

The problem is, what to call that certain other flavor of WordPress? It’s sometimes called WordPress.org, but that can seem to imply that WordPress.org hosts blogs. It doesn’t; it hosts the code you can download to set up your own blog.

I thought I’d use such a poll to ask you your preferred term for the type of blog you set up with code you download from WordPress.org. I was prompted to do so when I saw that timethief has just pointed out a means of putting a poll on a WordPress.com blog: LuckyPolls.

What is your preferred term for the type of blog described above?
1) WordPress.org
2) A self-hosted WordPress blog
3) A blog set up using software downloaded from WordPress.org
4) WordPress Classic
5) Original old-school gangsta WordPress
6) WordPress Single-User
7) WordPress
8) Other: please comment to specify
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Update: poll closed, results announced.

8 thoughts on “Poll: What to Call… WordPress…”

  1. It’s currently a six-way tie…
    I’m not sure about “A blog that isn’t hosted by wordpress.” That would include WPMU blogs, and I was looking for a term that would exclude such blogs.

  2. I always thought that it would have been better if Matt & Co had come up with a different name for wordpress.com. I can understand wanting to keep a strong identity, but it causes way too much confusion.

  3. Good point Les. I can’t claim that I had that thought at the time. With the benefit of hindsight, I might have gone for… hmm… WordPress at Your Service?

  4. At the same time I made this post, I linked to it from the WordPress.com forum. More recently, I linked to it from the forums of: WPMU; the flavor of WordPress about which this post/poll asks. This seems to have swung the voting toward the “WordPress” answer.
    But the poll is still open, and will be for about another week.

  5. I am not so blog savvy. I went to LuckyPolls and created the poll, but I cannot figure out how to get the poll onto my WordPress Blog. Help! FYI…I don’t want the poll to appear in a post, but rather on the side bar or on a separate page.

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