BlueOrganizer is smart-browsing technology for Firefox. Its new version is described enthusiastically at TechCrunch and at Read/Write Web.

I used (or at least installed) a previous version a while ago. The post that persuaded me to give it another try was Fred Wilson’s on the SmartLink feature. The best way to explain this feature is to use it in a blog post, so go on over to Fred for a demo.

Why can’t I demo it on this blog? Because SmartLinks involve JavaScript, which can’t be used on blogs. If I get to like BlueOrganizer enough, I’ll request that it be made available via a widget.

4 thoughts on “BlueOrganizer”

  1. Hi Alex,
    This blog is hosted at maps to Hence no javascript allowed.

  2. Thanks Richard, for the kind words on the new design. I decided that I wanted to keep things very clean, especially in terms of sidebar stuff. The “no javascript” rule at removes much of the temptation to clutter things up.
    That said, there are a few things I wish I could include or at least try (e.g., BlueOrganizer SmartLinks). And some things that require Javascript are wrapped up in a widget (e.g., I could have a widget in the sidebar if I so desired).

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