Thinking of the Children in Roslindale

This is a quick shout-out about some of the people who take care of our kids. Maddie, who’s now three and a half, has been well looked after at Friends Childcare (the Rozzie location, there’s also one in Brookline), starting in the baby room. Max will start in that very baby room in July, when he’ll be ten months.

For the last year or so, Tina, our nanny, has looked after Max and, on the days she’s not at Friends, Maddie. Our decision to go with Friends for both kids has nothing to do with the excellent care she has taken of the two of them.

If you are looking for a nanny in Roslindale or nearby, please drop me a line (andrew at changingway dot org) and I can put you in touch with Tina. Likewise drop me a line if you are local and thinking about Friends as a childcare option.

By the way, photos of Maddie and Max are at Flickr, most of them visible only to family and friends. If you feel friendly and interested, again, email me.

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