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Particls InTouchParticls tells you about the stuff it thinks you’re interested in. The more interested it thinks you are, the more stridently it tells you about that chunk of stuff.

If you want this alerts platform, you can now download the public beta. In my case, this took a while, because it needed a newer version of .net than I had. I found its news ticker annoying.

If you want to make it easy for Particls users to express interest in your blog or other web site, you can embed some provided code. In fact, that’s what I’ve done in this post.

At this early stage, I am rather less enthusiastic about Particls than is Paul, who is in turn much less enthusiastic than Phil at RWW.

Think a smart RSS reader that scrolls on your screen, advises Duncan at Techcrunch, rather aptly. I don’t think it’ll be scrolling across my screen for much longer.

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