Gimme a Gears Gadget

You’re a web-based life form that sometimes has to survive offline. Google Gears (see previous post) will provide an important software layer of your environment in the future.

Now, what about hardware? Wouldn’t an Ultra-Mobile PC do nicely? One answer is: probably not if Vista is hogging much of the system resources. This might be the point at which to acknowledge that, when I said “you,” I actually meant “me, and you if you’re like me”.

I think I want something like a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC. But I want something on which I can watch a movie, and I’m not sure that the N800 fits that bill.

I hope that there’s a good Gears gadget on the market in time for delivery by, say, December 22. And now I really am thinking of myself (unless we share a birthday).

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