Getting Into Gears

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed the Google Gears extension for Firefox. Today, before leaving home, I put Google Reader into offline mode. It downloaded for a couple of minutes.

A little later, I tried reading my feeds in offline mode. I was hoping that, via the browser’s Tools menu, I could get to a menu of the services ready for access in offline mode, but no such luck. So I went via URL to Google Reader.

What I saw was not what I expected to see, in terms of order and bolding of items. Going into online mode confirmed that the offline view, based on a download of a couple of hours earlier, had little to do with the “real” (i.e. online) view.

It may be that I’m misunderstanding what Gears is meant to do, or what Reader means to do with it. But my “first Gears” wasn’t the smoothest of starts.

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