Facebook Polls: A Contest

Facebook Polls recently launched. Michael Arrington described it as marketing research paradise. Duncan Riley wrote that it blocks free speech because it wouldn’t let him mention MySpace in a poll.

So there seems to be a contest for silliest overstatement about FBP. Here’s my entry: blatant age discrimination. I make that statement because it won’t let me focus a poll on the 50+ age group. It will let me focus on any of the following age ranges: 13-17; 18-24; 25-34; 35-49.

So, who is winning the contest? Duncan, Michael, me, or other (please specify)?

No, I’m not going to set up a Facebook Poll to collect your vote. Those things cost money. That reminds me: I am among those wondering if this means that Facebook would deny any requests from a developer wanting to develop a polling widget and deploy it on Facebook.

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