Lucius Shepard: Hobos, Dragons, etc.

In recent travels around the web looking for hobo and things related, I was surprised not to find links to Lucius Shepard’s book Two Trains Running. It comprises three parts: two fiction, one not.

The non-fiction part is a longer version of an article LS did for Spin magazine. Research consisted of riding the rails himself.

One of the pieces of fiction, “Over Yonder,” is currently available online (but I’m not sure how long that will last). I highly recommend it. The other, “Jailbait,” I haven’t read.

Shepard’s literary output is vast and varied. I’ve read a bunch of his stuff, including his fine novel A Handbook of American Prayer.

My favorite thing of his so far is the novella “The Scalehunter’s Beautiful Daughter.” Therefore I’m particularly pleased to see from a topic on LS’ discussion board that he is writing more stories about the dragon Griaule.

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