Tiny Ghostshrimp Almost Gone

PlaylandiaThis week, Tiny Showcase features a print by ghostshrimp (Dan James). No, it’s not this one (Playlandia), which went on sale, and sold out, almost a year ago now.

It’s Falling Apart, which is actually a pair of 5×5 inch prints. I don’t include an image of it in this post for a couple of reasons: it doesn’t work as well at blog image size; I wanted to tease you with the one that sold out.

At the time of this typing, this weeks’ print has yet to sell out. The site shows that number 80 out of the edition of 100 is up. Having said that, I won’t be buying Falling Apart. I’ve already spent my cool print from worthy web source allowance for the month, or at the very least, for the week.

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