WordPress For Dummies and Other Readers

It had to happen: WordPress For Dummies. It’s due to be published on Sep 4; maybe I’ll buy my son a copy for his first birthday.

I failed to notice the publication late last year of WordPress Complete. Reviews make it sound as though it lives up to its name, while being approachable for the non-technical blogger.

While I’m happy to find out about these books, I am concerned that books about WordPress will tend to suffer from rapid bibliolescence.

One thought on “WordPress For Dummies and Other Readers”

  1. Hi Andrew – thank you for the mention (and link) to WordPress for Dummies. I started writing it in December ’06 and finished it in April ’07 – and you are correct! The version of WordPress I started writing about in December was not the same version I finished writing about in April!

    I am currently entering into the final author review and final edits of the book where I do get the chance to revise the content to reflect the latest WordPress goodies – – and will probably have the book current up to version 2.3 by the time it’s published.

    I did post about my early fears that such a book would be obsolete by the time it hit the shelves at your local bookstore. I think any book on such rapidly and aggressively developed software, such as WordPress, run that risk – luckily, however, many of the basic tenets are the same – and I am under contract for future revisions and future editions and Wiley Publishing is pretty pro-active about frequent revisions, so that’s always a good thing!

    I enjoyed WordPress Complete very much – and would still recommend it for beginners and people new to the WordPress project.. even if the content is now a little bit outdated, considering the great development going on with WP.


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