WordPress: Another Million Mark

Lloyd Budd of Automattic recently posted about who does what in terms of WordPress development. He describes the community as “priceless,” but provides a best estimate for the dollar worth of WordPress 2.2: just under a million $US. Lloyd confirms that 2.3 will include tagging.

On WordPress podcast 25, Aaron Brazell estimates “end of summer” for the release of 2.3. As I type this, Aaron is ranting, with some justification I think, about the lack of organization of the impending WordCamp in San Francisco. Now Charles is steering him toward calmer waters…

5 thoughts on “WordPress: Another Million Mark”

  1. Thanks for writing about my post!
    Tagging in 2.3 is about as certain as any forward looking assertion can be 😉
    WordPress 2.3 <a href=”http://wordpress.org/about/roadmap/” rel=”nofollow”>release is planned for</a> September 20, 2007 .

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