Sci Fiction Free Online… Until Friday

Sci Fiction was for a few years a professionally edited source of science fiction and fantasy, with a new story posted every month. Some great stuff was published there. Of the stories I read there, my favorite is a think Ian MacLeod’s “New Light on the Drake Equation.” I wrote about that story at my very first blog, relating it to the work of a musician I and the author like a lot.

A couple of years ago, Sci Fiction ceased publication of new fiction. On Friday of this week, it will cease to provide an archive of the great stuff published here. It’s well worth visiting (and downloading from) while it’s there. I won’t join Cory Doctorow and others in ranting about the loss, sad though it is.

Instead, I’ll focus on the bright side. Sci Fiction published some tremendous science fiction and fantasy. It provided an archive for a couple of years after it ceased to provide new material. The archive will be there for another couple of days. The archive obliteration date suggests a sense of humour, or at least of when it’s most appropriate to commit a destructive act.

Here’s that date again: Friday the 13th.

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