Swell Stultz: Sent and Showing

The Ric Stultz print I ordered from Pretty Darn Swell arrived before I left for the UK. I am very pleased with it. Also pleasing was the packaging. A stout envelope, with an atttactive PDS mailing lable, and a PDS postcard with handwritten thanks along with the print.

If I was in Milwaukee, I would be planning to go to Hotcakes for Ric’s show there, preferably tomorrow evening for the opening. But I’m in East Leake, and it’s almost time to go to Seagrave to see my niece and nephew, which is excellent in a rather different way.

One thought on “Swell Stultz: Sent and Showing”

  1. I love getting packages! Even when you know what it is there is some sort of Christmas-like feel when you open it…If it doesn’t fit or whatever it is the worst, otherwise it rocks!

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