A Week/Yahoo in Review

Over the last week or so, Yahoo:

  • didn’t acquire MySpace, and
  • shed a CEO already widely seen as a lame duck (I realize that’s a mixed metaphor, but it’s one I rather like).

In other words, Yahoo made news by not doing very much. So what’s new?

On a more personal level, I just declared feed bankruptcy by marking as read 100++ items in Google Reader. I have yet to be bothered by spam in the Gmail associated with this blog (andrew at thisdomain). That makes a sharp contrast with my Yahoo email, which has a very porous spam filter. So I seem to be leaning towards Google, and in the direction of several indies (e.g., WordPress).

On to the next flowerTo me, the best things about Yahoo are:

  • Flickr. Photos from the UK trip are on Flickr now. Here’s one of a bee moving from one flower in my parents’ front garden to another.
  • The mission statement made about a month ago. However: see the post I made at the time; and it does seem particularly strange for the CEO to step down a month after a mission statement announcement.
  • “Neither a Microsoft nor a Google be.”

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