OpenID at Basecamp and at Facebook

Although I don’t see myself spending a lot of time on Facebook, I decided to add my Facebook profile to my OpenID at claimID. That reminded me that things have been rather quiet on the OpenID front over the last few months.

But the folks at 37signals just announced OpenId for Basecamp, and more generally, that We’re embracing OpenID. It’s much easier than remembering multiple usernames and passwords for multiple sites.

So how about Facebook and OpenID? I wondered, and Googled, and found a post about an app to turn Facebook into an OpenID server. That in turn led me back to Jyte, an OpenId consumer I haven’t been to in a while, to agree thatFacebook should adopt OpenID, but to disagree with I would consider using “Facebook OpenID App” as OpenID server.

I still think that there are enough OpenID servers out there, and not enough consumers. In the Facebook case, I’d like to be able to sign on with my existing OpenId, but I don’t need a new OpenID from Facebook or from any other site.

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