35 Days Later: Facebook Apps

If there was a Web 2.0 blogger of the month, it was Marc Andreessen. His blog’s first month has had many already-prominent bloggers to chorus, “We’re not worthy.”

I particularly liked Marc’s backlash against the Facebook backlash. Summary: it’s been “five f______ weeks!” since Facebook opened up to application developers, and it’s been five weeks of success.

If things seemed to have calmed down now, consider the following prediction.

We’re now in the summer slump, when all the kids are outside playing and going to the movies (well, at least watching movies of questionable provenance on their laptops), and necking in the bushes.

We’ll see three months of experimentation and development of new apps on Facebook, including many false starts and many duds, but also a whole series of innovative new apps that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Come September, with the resumption of the school year and a whole crop of new freshpeople, Facebook traffic will once again go vertical, as will adoption of the best of the new apps.

You heard it here first.

Indeed we did.

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