Songspots are Sonific

The little music player in this post is a Songspot. Sonific is the firm/site that makes Songspot creation easy. It’s then simple to include the Songspot on a web site.

It’s especially simple when the site is a blog (see blog post and FAQ); having said that, I would prefer that the Songspot be displayed as if it was an image, so that this post would be styled like other posts on the blog.

So Songspots are good for bloggers and other web publishers. They are good for Sonific, which uses retailer affiliate programs and ads. They are good for musicians, in that they help to get the music out there.

Most important of all, this Songspot is good for you, dear reader/listener, because you get to enjoy the music of Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives. I’ll hazard a guess that it’ll be the first time for some of you.

[sonific 55eb25efc3ecf0d435f799f0226b6db46e563031]

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