More Music: Cheri Knight

Cheri Knight was a member of the Blood Oranges, one of America’s finest and least formulaic roots-rock combos. After the band split up, she put out a couple of albums, although her main job was as a flower farmer.

I saw her with her band at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Mass, nine or ten years ago. That was around the time of her second album, The Northeast Kingdom. Although the album was produced by Steve Earle, and got good reviews, it seems that she vanished from the music scene soon after.

Since the album is out of print, there seems no harm in making a track available. Here’s “Black Eyed Susie” (via my copy of the CD, Rhapsody, and the audio player).

I hope that Cheri is happily growing flowers, or whatever appeals to her these days. I’d be interested to know.

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