Lost Files 2.0

How many web 2.0 services have you tried out? I’ve lost count. I’ve lost passwords. And now, I’ve lost some files. The files themselves can be fairly easily replaced. It’s the fact that I can’t remember the name of the site where I stowed them.

So, dear reader, I have two questions for you. First, can you help me find this web service. It is a locker for music, video, etc. It includes, or, more likely, is integrated with a player, so that I can just point to music I’ve stowed there to play it. It is otherwise very easy to use.

Second, how do you keep track of your stuff on the web? Browser bookmarks? Tagging at del.icio.us or similar web service? Or perhaps you simply restrain yourself with respect to the number of services you use?

2 thoughts on “Lost Files 2.0”

  1. Thanks for the comment, and the link. I use my claimID identity (see top of sidebar) to provide links to the social networky stuff I admit to. But many of the web services I sign up for don’t come in to that category.

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