Assignment Zero: Pro-Am Journalism

assignzero.pngAssignment Zero is a collection of short interviews that dance around the crowdsourcing theme, and is yet another interesting link I found via Glyn Moody. But it’s even more interesting than that.

The interviews are intended and available as materials from which you can construct your own content. The Assignment Zero team has conducted 80 interviews and several feature stories on the subject of crowdsourcing. The reporting found… [at the site] can be mixed and mashed to write your own story on crowdsourcing.

Despite my recent protestations that I’ve signed up for so many web services that I can’t even keep track of the subset I actually use, I’ve signed up. I should add that you don’t need to sign up in order to use the materials provided.

3 thoughts on “Assignment Zero: Pro-Am Journalism”

  1. Assignment Zero has actually come to a close: What you see is what we have collected. Sorry.


    The organization that created Assignment Zero alongside Wired is NewAssignment.Net — and we will be doing similar projects in the future. I know, I know — another web service to sign up for. But this one is worth it — we will tell you what investigations we are doing — and you can decide if you want to help out or not.

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